TMI: Dear John

TMI: Dear John

Rep. John Faso, it is time to “man up” as you so colorfully told Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week. You’ve revealed yourself for what you truly are–a partisan lemming willing to stake your reputation–and the fate of your constituents–to the dangerous agenda of a president who shows more interest in Twitter and his resort than he does in governing a nation, and a party so extreme that it now embraces self-declared racists and a foreign policy agenda that panders to Vladimir Putin.

You’ve been ducking your constituents who are enraged by the president’s plan to destroy the Affordable Care Act–shirking your duty as an elected official to listen to your constituents.

When you advanced an amendment that would have forced the state to pay for counties’ Medicaid costs, thereby tearing a hole in the state budget, you made it clear who you work for–the party establishment who will do anything to burn prominent Democrats at the cost of the public good. The amendment targeted only New York and the way you and your partner in crime, Rep. Chris Collins, defended it made your intentions so very plain that even a political neophyte could read your intentions.

Cuomo said the amendment would have cost New York billions and could have led to major service cuts or a tax increase. Your response, was to tell Cuomo to “man up” and to declare that, “The numbers he’s using are truly fake news and fake numbers.”

What a valiant effort to adopt the language of your overlords–you sound just like the Donald. If there was any mistaking where you stand or who you are fighting for, that sentence made it perfectly clear–you aren’t fighting for the people.

So as I said, “man up” and and face your constituents. Listen to them. Find out why they aren’t interested in Trump’s healthcare solutions. Why they may have liked what he had to say until they found out what he actually wanted to do.

Although I suspect your actions may have already sealed your fate and ensured you won’t be elected to another term you may as well do your job and meet your constituents rather than cowering in your office.

Congressman, I understand you aren’t the only one to blame here. You got into office thanks to your normalness, the way you represented yourself as the bland, acceptable choice and the local media–not wanting to look too afraid of the Trump agenda endorsed you out of a mixture of pity and strategery. Just look at what The Times Union said said in their endorsement:

“With the House expected to remain under Republican control, the party needs moderate voices and people who understand the value of compromise. Mr. Faso puts himself forward as one who would not waste time on pointless party-line votes against the Affordable Care Act or for defunding Planned Parenthood. He acknowledges the reality of global warming and appreciates the need to work out differences on health care, corporate welfare, tax policy and clean energy.”

Boy, you sure snowed them. The AHCA would not only have been devastating to the state financially but it would have also defunded Planned Parenthood.

Yes John, in the end the Freedom Caucus tanked the AHCA, Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan scuttled the vote and you never had to officially register your position. And yet you still revealed yourself in the process of getting there. You made it clear your aren’t a thoughtful moderate, a Republican with a moral compass, or even someone interested in protecting the interests of his own state.

You don’t deserve to serve in a seat once held by Rep. Chris Gibson–a Republican of real integrity, who was in touch with his constituents. You don’t deserve to sit in a seat once held by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand–a politician who is a fierce advocate for New Yorkers and who went to great lengths to be available to constituents of all political stripes.

John, I’ll be honest, I think it takes guts to go up against Cuomo. I’ll give you that. The Governor is known for rough play. He’s known for trampling opponents underfoot for the slightest of provocations.

I have plenty of issues with how Cuomo governs. But you chose the wrong fight. You chose to burn Cuomo and the people of New York and for that you’ll likely pay doubly–once at the polls and once when Cuomo comes for his pound of flesh.

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