Now through Sunday: Blue Velvet

Now through Sunday: Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

Madison Theater, Thursday-Sunday, 3/16-19, various times

David Lynch had made a splash with midnight moviegoers (there used to be such creatures) with his cult his Eraserhead, and found mainstream success and acclaim with the Mel Brooks-produced period drama The Elephant Man, but it wasn’t until the release of 1986’s Blue Velvet that the term “Lynchian” entered popular cultural discourse. This psycho-sexual cinematic nightmare took a while to find its audience, mainly because, in the heyday of Stallone actioners and John Hughes teen dramadies and Spielbergian kid epics, Blue Velvet was profoundly transgressive and deeply unsettling. Thanks to Lynch’s direction and great performances by the likes of Dennis Hopper and Dean Stockwell (pictured, as “Ben”), it remains so.

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