Fred Dicker wants journalists to use racial slurs

Fred Dicker wants journalists to use racial slurs

Fred Dicker spent a good portion of his show on 1300 AM today wondering why journalists don’t say the “N-word.” He then made sure to employ the word at least twice.

The use of the word came up in discussion of IDC Sen. Marisol Alcantara’s confrontation in the Senate Chamber with Sen. Michael Gianaris a Democrat. 

Dicker read that Alcantara said, ” I would like to know how many times my colleague has been called the n-word or spic.”

Dicker responded to his guest: “Do you know if she said the N word? Did she use the word? Too many journalists are unwilling to say it, its an ugly word–nigger but there are plenty of ugly words around, we shouldn’t ban words. Do you know if she actually used the word?”

“By the way, why can’t journalists use the word nigger?” Dicker prodded his guest and then proceeded to list a catalog of slurs against various races. “In black culture, as we know, the word is used all the time,” Dicker said. 

His guest said then admitted he was uncomfortable saying the word. Dicker said he understood especially because his guest has bosses to answer to. He did however continue his to talk about the word. 

“Journalists should be different, that’s my point that we should be honest brokers when using words.” 

Dicker in an unabashed conservative and has had many confrontations and feuds with power players in state government. Dicker is the longest serving member of the Capitol press corps and spent over 30 years at The NY Post before “an amicable” separation last year.



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