Tonight: Morehouse College Glee Club

Tonight: Morehouse College Glee Club

Morehouse College Glee Club

Macedonia Baptist Church, Albany, Wednesday, 3/15, 6:30 PM

Historically black colleges popped up in the national conversation recently, when Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos praised them as original examples of school choice. While we would be delighted to unpack the offensiveness, racism and profound ignorance of DeVos’ view, let us instead celebrate the chance to talk about these pioneering institutions. For example Morehouse College, which was founded just two years after the end of the Civil War, and has given America outstanding leaders in government, arts and sciences in the century and a half since. The all-male school’s glee club, founded in 1911, are Morehouse’s unofficial ambassadors, bringing musical excellence to churches and concert stages around the world–including Wednesday night in Albany, at the Macedonia Baptist Church. Go and listen and be inspired.

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