Saturday: Red Baraat at The Egg

Saturday: Red Baraat at The Egg

Red Baraat

The Egg, Saturday, 3/11, 7:30 PM

Red Baraat have sold out the Bowery Ballroom and the Luxembourg Philharmonic, played for The White House and the Olympics, and have been dubbed by NPR as “the best party band in years.” Fortunately, capital district citizens will be able to witness the band’s energetic outpouring of jazz, hip-hop, rock, and funk this Saturday at The Egg. Fronted by Sunny Jain, whose signature instrument is an Indian double-headed drum called a dhol, the eight-piece band are notorious for high-energy performances that combine a slew of different styles and utilize a variety of instruments that separate them from the majority of the “party jazz” community. All Music calls them a “dhol and brass band that melds Bollywood funk, NOLA brass, and R&B.”

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