Opening tonight: Into the Woods at SLOC

Opening tonight: Into the Woods at SLOC

Into The Woods

Schenectady Light Opera Company, Opens Friday, 3/10, 8 PM

You know a show is durable when audience response evolves over the decades. When Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s musical Into the Woods debuted in 1987, audiences took its dark blending of tales by the Brothers Grimm as a parable about the devastation wrought by the AIDS crisis; now, 30 years on, with ensuing revivals and a hit film version, many perceive it as reflecting America’s post-9/11 loss and chaos. However you want to “read” it, Into the Woods is a compelling and moving reimagining of some of our most enduring fairy tales, reminding us to be careful what we wish for, and that we can’t escape human frailty. And those songs! We look forward to experiencing what SLOC’s interpretation will be.

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