Tonight at The Low Beat: Local Indie Music Mixer

Tonight at The Low Beat: Local Indie Music Mixer

Local Indie Music Mixer

The Low Beat, Thursday, 3/9, 8 PM

If you’re looking for a concert with variety, Albany’s The Low Beat will be hosting a mixed bill show on Thursday that features three local artists with different sounds: proggy The Further Unsound, the grungy Bendt, and rapper MichaelAngelo Forbes. Albany’s music scenes are for the most part hesitant to intermingle, but an opportunity like this to see performers of a variety of different ages and interests is sure to be a unique experience. The tight space of the venue should also provide for a close-knit environment that will only further encourage unity amongst the various crowds that bound to show up; ultimately opening up people to new musical ideas, which seems to be the intention of the show.

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