Taina Asili is taking over

Taina Asili is taking over

Taina Asili, of Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde, beloved Albany social justice musician and singer, who was recently featured in the pages of The Alt, has just released a major new music video for her song No Es Mi Presidente, which received attention from Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as a major new interview on the Rolling Stone website.

The Alt was able to catch up with Taina at the Women’s Strike rally, at Townsend Park in Albany this afternoon, and was able to get some of her thoughts on the video, as well as hear about what she’s been up to since her earth-shaking performance at the Women’s March on Washington, on January 21.

“I wanted to capture the same feelings of power and strength I felt at the Women’s March and I wanted to bring it back to my community, here in Albany,” Taina tells us. “I wanted to share those feelings with my community and the world.”

In the video, longtime social activists and Capital Region fixtures Naomi Jaffe and Barbara Smith can be seen teaching a class on movement history.

“Taina asked us if she wanted us to actually teach, or just pretend like we were teaching,” Smith told The Alt, laughing. “We had a captive audience of high school students, so we couldn’t help ourselves, we actually taught some movement history.”

“Students were actually taking notes,” said Taina, smiling. “They were actually taking notes, even though they were just getting little bursts of information.”

“I wanted Naomi and Barbara in the video to show that this work is continuous, and that there’s a legacy of resistance that we are inheriting,” said Taina, seriously.

Taina recently opened her new show entitled Resilience at the Arts Center on March 4th, featuring the stories of women of color in Taina’s community who inspire her. She is looking to book more venues for the show.

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