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Troy’s Jess Fink receives praise for erotica comic book

Troy’s Jess Fink receives praise for erotica comic book

Yesterday, local erotica artist Jess Fink received quite the Valentine: a write-up in Paste Magazine that dubbed a scene from her book “Isabelle and George” one of the “most important modern sex scenes in comics.”

Fink, a Troy resident featured in The Alt last December, has made waves in the erotic comics scene with works such as “Chester 5000,” a sci-fi story about a woman who has sex with a lifelike robot.

“I came at it as though it was this Jane Austen novel, but what if a Jane Austen novel was really dirty? What if people were very nice to each other, but into really dirty sex, but were really kind to each other,” she said.

Fink’s latest feature praises her ability to portray erotica whose characters treat one another with respect and affection. Her art is thoughtful and realistic. Comic characters Isabelle, George and Robert may be cartoons, but the magazine applauds her ability to illustrate the “taboo” (like queer sex and the mysterious female orgasm) without holding back. Not to mention, they’re completely adorable.

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