ACE Hosts “Meet The Alt” at Caffe Lena!

ACE Hosts “Meet The Alt” at Caffe Lena!

Who doesn’t want to get a look at the newly revamped Caffe Lena? Who wouldn’t want to hear David Greenberger read from his delightfully esoteric column “I Still Feel Like Myself?” Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening chatting with editor David Howard King?

Most of you probably answered “nobody” to the first two questions and “a lot of people” to the third. Two out of three ain’t bad. So why not pay Caffe Lena a visit on Jan. 19 at 4 PM when The Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy will host “Meet The Alt Weekly?”

ACE will discuss with King The Alt’s plans to cover news, art and entertainment in the region differently from dailies and blogs. Local creatives are encouraged to attend to gain insight into how to connect with the publication.

Did we mention that Brown’s Brewing will be sponsoring the event? Have you tried their beer? Of course you have! And you know that at a pint will make having to listen to King yammer on a lot more tolerable! Just imagine all the cool folks who you have a chance to meet? Rumor has it that W.B. Belcher, author of Lay Down Your Weary Tune and The Alt contributor, will be in attendance. Also, its free! You can register for the event here

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