The Alt’s top ten articles as voted by our writers

The Alt’s top ten articles as voted by our writers

1. Three dynamic women have redefined the local strip joint

Katie Cusack took us all into the world of DiCarlo’s Gentlemen’s club and introduced us to an institution that has been reimagined as a place where women are in total control. Cusack handled the assignment with grace and turned in a nuanced and captivating story. She’s also shown tremendous poise in handling the backlash that comes when people see an article about a strip club, but don’t actually read it. Cusack’s story won first place in our writer’s poll by a mile. It wasn’t even close. Bravo Katie!

2. Identity and comedy go hand in hand with funny girl Jaye McBride

As you’ll see, John Rodat and his writing, are favorites of just about everyone who contributes to The Alt. His profile of comedian Jaye McBride and how she blends her sexual identity into her comedy was the pinnacle of Rodat’s contribution to our publication this year. We’re expecting even bigger things next year. No pressure John.


3. An ode to Arthur’s Market

Jaya Sundaresh’s opinion columns caught a lot of folks’ attention, but her articles have won even more interest from our audience and contributors. Her love letter to Arthur’s Market spoke to a number of our contributors.

4. Merchant of randomness

People love John Rodat. I’m telling y’all the guy can write a story. People also love interesting shops. John took what could have been a standard write up of Urban Aftermath and turned it into a story about community, and city building. It’s a great read about a great store.


5. Marquis Dixon won’t be home for the holidays

Editor David King visited with Marquis Dixon to talk about his time spent behind bars and his hopes for the future. He really buckled down to get factual series of events while making sure the subject stayed on Dixon. It was an informative piece that captured the personal struggle of a prisoner and his family. (Entry written by Katie Cusack)

6. Amani O is a spitfire poet-activist who wants to lead a revolution

King strikes again with a profile that captures Amani O’s powerful artistry of spoken word. It told a story of the power of creative individualism and what one person can do to help change their community. (Entry written by Katie Cusack)

7. The election makes Dirty Dancing about the time of our lives

B.A. Nilsson took what could have been a trite review and turned in something that transcended typical criticism and channeled the feeling of experiencing a familiar work in a new way, in the light of Trump’s America.

8. How Victorian robot erotica freed Troy comics artist Jess Fink

What’s cooler than Victorian robot erotica? Not much, which made this profile a hit. Fink knows how to make sexy comics look cute and David King captured the artist’s personality and unique position in the graphic art world that makes her a success. (Entry written by Katie Cusack)


9. Saratoga Springs faces cost of being unaffordable

Luke Stoddard Nathan’s dogged reporting on housing issues has been a particular joy to me. His feature “No Shelter Here” on homelessness in Saratoga was meticulously researched, firmly reported and as devastating as it was relentless. But his news story “Saratoga Faces the Cost of Being Unaffordable” won the hearts and minds for our voters for its ability to concisely convey the human cost of an issue while presenting nuanced policy detail.

10. Is bowling at malls a threat to our urban existence? Probably not.

Guess who’s back? John Rodat, of course! Fuck that guy. We kid. Rodat might not have been thrilled when I presented him with the assignment of covering the influx of mall entertainment centers but he did what I knew he would and turned out an extremely entertaining and pertinent feature on mall entertainment and the local businesses that don’t give a shit about them.

Methodology: I sent an email asking our writers to vote for their top 5 stories of the year and gave them a deadline of 1 PM today. There were a lot of ties and a few people who did not vote–so like any good editor I issued empty threats and more votes came in. I did not vote. Writers were allowed to vote for themselves.

Voters were: Shawn Stone, Katie Cusack, Jaya Sundaresh, Amy Durant, Luke Nathan Stoddard, Cristin Steding, W.B. Belcher, Robert Cooper, B.A. Nilsson  and John Rodat. 

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