Year in Review: The Alt’s Top 10 Stories

Year in Review: The Alt’s Top 10 Stories

We’ve only been around since Nov. 15 but after seven issues we’ve got quite a body of work under our belts (if we don’t say so ourselves). Here’s a look at what you folks read the most online. It’s a good chance to catch up on anything you missed.

#1. Beloved southern restaurant in Schenectady left without a home

The beloved southern cuisine hotspot in Schenectady is moving from their downtown location, but not by their own accord. Jaya Sundaresh looked into the possible reasoning behind the closing of the building lease after only ten months of successful, clean operation.

#2. Three dynamic women have redefined the local strip joint

The Central Avenue strip club in Albany has been a landmark for decades and in 2014 it had undergone a major makeover–and takeover. Katie Cusack spent time with the establishment’s new management, Shy Abassi, Brandy Karczewski and Tess Collins to talk about how DiCarlo’s has changed for the better while staying true to its character.

#3. Thank Denzel Washington for Schenectady’s Tara Kitchen

Aneesa Waheed opened Tara Kitchen in 2011 at the Schenectady Greenmarket. Exploring her lifelong passion for a food, she began with her native Indian dishes and slowly started integrating Moroccan cuisine. B.A. Nilsson talks with the successful owner about her extensive community involvement, new line of food and kitchen products and a prospective new location in Troy.

#4. Jess Fink on the queering of Captain America

Troy comic artist Jess Fink says the perceived romance between Captain America and Bucky in Marvel’s films is important to helping the queer community feel represented in major works of pop culture.

#5. How Victorian robot erotica freed Troy comics artist Jess Fink

Fink spoke to editor David Howard King about how her struggle to reconcile her sexuality as a youth played informed her popular online comic Chester 5000.

#6. Jamaica Miles won’t back down

The energetic lead organizer for Citizen Action is a force to be reckoned with. Katie Cusack attended one of Jamaica Miles’ rallies in Albany to witness the power of her leadership and talked with the activist about motivation and the fight for equality for all.

#7. TMI: Angry legislators may sit out Cuomo’s State of the State

Legislators told David Howard King they were considering boycotting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State over the politicization of the state’s pay raise commission. Now Cuomo has abandoned the traditional speech in front of the legislature in favor of a series of regional addresses. Hmmm.

#8. Rapp on This: As a matter of fact, the sky is falling

Columnist Paul Rapp outlines what exactly is at stake in the wake of the presidential election from Constitutional freedoms such as speech and the practice of religion to the “closing down” of the Internet. Is all of this inevitable or just the ramblings of an elected madman?

#9. Resistance: Safety Pins Don’t Mean This

Jaya Sundaresh explains that wearing safety pins after Trump’s victory isn’t meant as a way to reconcile with Trump voters but to show solidarity with those who have been persecuted by him.

#10. Identity and comedy go hand in hand with funny girl Jaye McBride

John Rodat profiles the hilarious transgender comedian Jaye McBride. She goes back to her roots to discuss her struggle with identity, transition and developing the matter-of-fact humor that makes her such a success.

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