Daily Event Update: Cannon the Brave & Jasper

Daily Event Update: Cannon the Brave & Jasper

Cannon the Brave plays their first show since LarkFest in celebration of their recent five-track EP release along with Jasper, the multi-instrumentalist rock trio hailing from Schenectady, tonight at the Madison Theatre.

The band, named after singer-songwriter Allyson Smith’s ultra-positive superhero alter ego, exudes as much positivity as their lyrics. “Take it from me / I can’t explain what is happening, but why shouldn’t I smile?” Smith asks in “Everyday.” The harmonic vocals of Smith and her identical sister Whitney are soft and dreamy while the backing instrumentals from Eric Margan, Mike Campana and Brian Beverly bring you right back down to earth, offering a bluesy backbeat to move to. And Jasper is nothing to miss, with dirty guitar sounds that twang and pick away to songs about lost loves and letting go. “Everything that you see or feel/ let it all just roll away,” they sing in “Berkshire,” off of their own self-titled EP. Each member, Alex Brooks, Ben Gesek and Bryan Biswell, can play each other’s instruments with skill and have a tendency to switch around during performances, to the delight of audiences.

Be a part of Albany’s indie rock growing music scene tonight at 8 PM. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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