Get your virtual reality on at Overit tonight

Get your virtual reality on at Overit tonight

Photo by Chris Shields 

Looking for something to do on a cloudy Friday night? Art at Overit is hosting a gathering focused on video games at 5:30 PM at their New Scotland Ave. HQ. Attendees will have a chance to try out virtual reality experiences provided by 1st Playable Production, Spaceout.VR and Ilium VR.

There will also be an art exhibition by video game influenced artists Nick Hansen and Jeff Fuglesang. The evening will be soundtracked by Geek Musica, a group of sem-professional classical musicians who specialize in playing film video game and film scores. I spoke to Nick Hansen about his art and how exactly videogames influenced him.

“I spent a lot of summers indoors going on these adventures,” Hansen explained. He cited the Final Fantasy series and a number of other 8 and 16 bit role playing games as having inspired him as a youth and also in his artwork today. “A lot of my stuff has the typical video game hero and it’s drawn from a perspective you might see in one of those games I grew up with,” said Hansen.

Troy’s Ilium VR, a company I wrote about a few weeks ago, are set to launch an Indiegogo campaign on Dec. 5 to raise funds to produce a new virtual reality gun controller.

The Albany Business Review reports that 1st Playable has been testing a smartphone powered microscope designed to get kids into science.

Spaceout.VR will be giving away some of their viewers that turn ordinary spaces into virtual reality experiences when paired with their smartphones.

Sounds like a good way to escape reality for an evening–without racking up a bar tab or spending big on hallucinogens.

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