Editor: Our mission

Editor: Our mission

Dear Reader,

It’s with deep pleasure and pride that I welcome you to the first issue of The Alt. Make no mistake: the pages you have in front of you are a labor of love, made possible by the sacrifice and commitment of a small team of people who believe deeply in the ability of a unique publication to unite and empower the people of the Capital Region.

I picked up my first alternative newsweekly over 20 years ago; I only wanted it for the show listings. What I found inside was a pinhole into the soul of a city that I had previously seen as foreign, intimidating and unwelcoming. That pinhole got wider with each new issue, as I was introduced to the institutions the residents and the businesses larger and small of the Capital Region.

Here at The Alt we hope to give you a greater understanding of the area you live in, to help you discover


the plights and passions that affect your neighborhood and the neighborhoods you drive through on the way to work, to the mall, and—hopefully—to a show or two.

It is our mission to bring you compelling narrative journalism that documents the lives of a vast array of the area’s inhabitants, that takes you, the reader, behind the curtain, down the road you normally wouldn’t travel and into the back rooms where you’ve never been invited.

We will shine a light on issues some will think better left in the dark—we will do it for the good of the region. We will cover topics that might be shocking and uncomfortable for some—we will do it to promote understanding and acceptance.

Our coverage of the arts will be unparalleled, designed to highlight not only the artistic work but the lives and struggles of those behind the creativity.

We will strive to provide the best events listings possible, to keep our readers informed of the abundance of cultural events the region has to offer, and to highlight the most compelling national acts that grace our local stages.

In the coming months, we expect our website to transform into a hub for creative individuals, activists, community advocates and film, music, theater and tech enthusiasts, a site that will host not only our articles and calendar, but multimedia, ranging from exclusive performances by musicians and comedians to hard-hitting interviews with local influentials.

Our VAlt video series will highlight performers of all stripes. I hope you’ll visit thealt.com to check out a performance by Girl Blue—a local star in the making, who is also featured on our first cover.

As you come to know our writers and their muses, we hope to get to know you and yours.

With the first issue in your hands, this publication belongs to you as much as it does to us. In the coming weeks and months you will see The Alt mature, and we hope you will be involved in that process.

We want the Capital Region to own and embrace this publication—all of the Capital Region. From Hamilton Hill in Schenectady to Broadway in Saratoga Springs; from the Capitol building in Albany to River Street in Troy; we want to connect the region through story and discovery.

At a time when the nation is paralyzed by fear of the other, divided by bigotry and ignorance, shaken by the rhetoric of hate, we hope to help the residents of our small part of the country better understand each other and the places they call home.

We are the community’s paper, so don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me personally at david@thealt.com, or on any of our various social media platforms. This isn’t a closed circle. All it takes to become involved in The Alt is an email or a phone call. I hope to hear from you soon.

3 Reader Responses

So excited to see the paper here at Union College. Just fantastic! I’d love to be able to easily promote articles I like, mostly through Twitter. Is there a way you can incorporate icons to Tweet out the links? I’m sure others would appreciate being able to do so as well.

Again, congrats!

Hi Ken,

Thanks for reading the paper. We are slowly rolling out pieces of the site. Rest assured social media buttons will be part of the site shortly.

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